Friday, 1 June 2012

MGR Radha Saluja bed room sexy song

MGR in a first night song scene with Sexy Radha Saluja. MGR showering rose flowers on Radha Saluja, removes her saree to show off her milky and bulky boobs, caresses her lips, unbuttons her boob blouse to suck it... isshhhh appappa what a classis sex song. The first time I saw this film (in small public show in Video TV). 

that was the first time I was watching (but I saw this film I remember as a 10 year old kid in Doordarshan TV in 1976 immediately after its release, I still remeber MGR in the first night scene Sucking Radha Saluja)

I still remember as a college guy way back in 1986 (when MGR was about to die the next year) I couldn't control my cock standing erect, and immediately after watching this movie I took out my cock and masturbated relentlessly to my heart's content. in fact the sperm jutted out as soon as I took my cock out of my pant and jutty.

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