Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bikini Images Of Actress

Punjabi actress in Red Bikini with MGR. MGR pounces over her and SUCKS her to his heart's content

MGR with Punjabi Beauty

    Punjabi beauty with Nice show of her Milk Boobs and nude thighs whetted in lake water. Watch how MGR catches this sexy beauty queen from Punjab in the next shot. Don't you feel like sucking her boobs. it is bra-less in fact. Her nipples will be clearly seen when MGR was holding her thighs.

There is a dialogue in an MGR film in a RAPE scene (MGR Raping Punjabi actress) which goes like this "naan unna suda varala SUVAIKA Vandhurukkaen"
Meaning of this statement: I didn't come here to shoot (with a gun in his hand) you, but to TASTE you. taste = lips and tongue work on..

How sexy and vulgar this statement is. That is MGR for you.