Thursday, 31 May 2012

MGR with Radha Saluja in RED Swim suit

Video of MGR squeezing Radha Saluja.
MGR was literally squeezing and Sucking Radha Saluja in a lake as one would in a bedroom.
watch how MGR squeezes this Punjabi beauty Queen Radha Saluja wearing a Red Tight midi inside lake rather sexily and shamelessly. Radha Saluja also shamelessly and happily allows MGR to SUCK her like a Tiger sucking the blood of its prey from the meat.

her wet rosy thighs hugged and kneaded by MGR is highly erotic and very tempting unable to control my cock.
Radha Saluja was sex and happy personified. There is a part in the scene. where MGR holds Radha Saluja on her sexy naked right thigh and swiftly.

moves his right hand towards her pussy pushing the short midi even further up, and watch how Radha Saluja smilingly looks at MGR's moving right hand towards her pussy. A very sexy pose indeed. Radha Saluja is really Super Sexy and gorgeous in this scene. Lookout for Radha Saluja's JUICY Punjabi Boobs braless Nipples seen in wet condition. MGR on the verge of Sucking her Boobs.

When MGR was carrying swim suit wearing Radha Saluja like a baby the screen shot becomes immediately a long shot; reason MGR was seen sucking Radha Saluja's Boob.
oh wow!1 Radha Saluja is so very sexy and sweet. She damn cares about people watching her and her boobs and thighs in FULL Bloom. Sexily smiling rather invitingly at MGR with a look that tells a lot, splashing water from the lake in which she is sitting with braless big Punjabi bOObs.

Bad Video Quality                                                     

Good Video Quality

If you are not patient enough to go through the entire video, but would rather like to watch ONLY the Red Swim suit Sexy scene shot then clcik here

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