Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Punjabi Boobs

Punjabi Boobs

How good are Punjabi boobs?
Well I have always seen Punjabi girls and women possess big Boobs normally.
Punjabi girls do have lovely juicy boobs. They are almost always big and
serene to the eyes. It gives to the seer the enjoyment and it seems to possess
full of milk in it. I would like to call it as "MILK Tank".

Most of the Punjabi women do have Erect and shapely 
(mostly like Lotus Flower) boobs as well. And my cock always stands 
erect on seeing those erect Lotus Boobs. (Thaamaraiyai othha Marbagangal
endru solluvaargal)

That's all about Punjabi Boobs as of now and I will continue writing about it
(Punjabi Boobs) as and when my mood comes.
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One woman comes to my mind when thinking about Punjabi girls
(particularly their BOOBS), and that is the woman who acted in hindi, Punjabi
and some south indian films including with NTR and MGR. Both these yesteryear
CMs squeezed this Punjabi beauty Queen to their heart's content and that is
their intent. I will post some of their SEXY pictures like Bikini Images Of Actress
with this Punjabi lady.

Find lovely pictures of MGR with this Punjabi beauty Sex Queen of the 1970s by
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Punjabi Boobs

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